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Whether your inner Marco Polo takes you to destinations along the Silk Road, to Antarctica or Zanzibar, the Seychelles or Mustique, we are there.  The personal Concierges of Anjilis not only know the way, they open the doors to your ultra travel experience. We can shift the ordinary to the extraordinary with a deft enquiry, a discreet request or a long-standing and knowledgeable relationship.

Enter this new world where you will be in the most secure hands available. And, where privacy, discretion and non-disclosure are without question.



Luxury Travel Advisor:  Ian Johnson

Years of Experience: 39

Ian travels have taken him across the world and have afforded him incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. His focus on entertainment experiences such as the Grammy’s, film festivals, MTV Music Awards, the Tony Awards make him a leader in the industry for exclusive travel experiences. Ian also enjoys coordinating safaris, ocean cruising and LGBT travel.

Luxury Travel Advisor:  Susan Milam

Years of Experience: 25

With an extensive background in luxury travel, Susan specializes in ultra honeymoon experiences, luxury cruising and detailing itineraries for groups and families alike throughout Europe. 

Luxury Travel Advisor: Julie Girone

Years of Experience: 5

Having traveled the globe, Julie is passionate about organizing complex itineraries for travel to Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Julie specializes in worldwide adventure travel, river cruising and multi-generational family experiences.

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Fewer than one percent of world travelers ever experience true ultra travel. It is a discreet world of private islands, personal jets, chartered yachts, impeccable security and seamless service.

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